At C2C we offer a vast set of advertising solutions that transform your ambitions into  first-class personal brands.


At C2C we are well known for providing innovative, high quality and results driven outdoor advertising solutions.  With a broad media offering that includes advertising trailers, billboards and LED billboards, we are a natural partner om directing consumers on the move to your brand. Whether you want to create buzz around your brand, reach your target audience or direct clients to your doorstep, we can make it happen for you.

Our Services

LED Billboards

Enhance your brand's appeal and stay one step ahead of your competition with our LED Billboard advertising solutions. Our sites are strategically positioned in high traffic corridors and major motorways.

Billboard Ads

Advertising anything outdoors means 24-hour brand exposure to the public eye. Own the industry with our cost effective, highimpact Billboard Ads and signages that will be seen by thousands.

Trailer Ads

Get maximum brand exposure along South Africa's prime roadways. With the high number of vehicles on SA's roads increasing everyday, your 42m2 advertisements will be hard to miss.


Our creative aptitude is unlimited and remarkably. We offer superb, professional services that help you exceed your your marketing objectives at competitive pricing. Our outdoor media provide low cost advertising to you with high return on investment.

Our clients

At C2C our priority is building relationships strong with our clients. As a result, we are trusted by the world’s best.

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